Thank you so much for your interest in The Beginner Series and for choosing to practice with me.


I put these classes together as a way to answer the common question, how do I begin? My hope is that they will arm you with the confidence to believe you CAN practice yoga, that they excite you and, in turn, fall in love with the thing that changed my life.


The idea is to work your way through the videos from 1-7, each adding on a little from the last. But, of course, this doesn’t mean you can’t repeat classes, if you love one, or find it helpful, keep going back to it. You have access these videos forever.


To start the classes head to the link below (save to your bookmarks or favourites to make it easier).


You don’t need anything but yourself for this series. A yoga mat will add a degree of comfort; but you can get these fairly cheaply OR you could instead use a towel before committing to a life long mat. (If you want recommendations drop me a message and I’ll be happy to chat!) Some of the classes use ‘yoga blocks’, but books (Harry Potter 5 is the perfect size!) work as a great alternative.


Finally, a word on creating a home yoga practice. It can be hard to stay committed to yoga - especially if you haven’t got access to regular classes, because slowing down isn’t something we congratulate in this fast paced, goal driven world. But yoga is a huge act of self care, which although starts on the mat, slowly begins to seep to your life off the mat too.


Below I have written three things I found super helpful in sticking to my own practice:


1. Acknowledge this is 30 hour for you - carve out the time for yourself, put it in your dairy if it is helpful. 


2. Create a space - this might be at your home or a corner in the gym. Is there anything you can do to make this feel more special? The smell of incense reminds me of my teacher training and so always helps me. But this doesn’t have to be anything fancy, you might even signal it with something as simple as lighting a candle.


3. Complete these videos at your own pace. This is not supposed to be yoga boot camp; this is about creating something that hopefully will become a life long practice. And so if that means you can only fit it one or two videos consistently each week, that is okay. Make this YOURS. Make it feel like YOUR win.

the beginner series