work with me
online coaching

who is it for?

+ anyone feeling a lost and confused about training and nutrition

+ anyone who wants to get stronger and/or build some muscle 

+ anyone who is sick of short term 'fixes' that don't work and instead wants to build a strong, healthy relationship with food + their bodies

+ if you need some accountability and guidance

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what included?

+ evidence based training programme tailored to you and your goals 

+ an initial consultation call

+ detailed weekly check ins - whereby we work through the week that has gone and set goals for the week ahead

+ nutritional guidance - this could be something very specific like macro targets, or could be much more general and intuitive

+ constant support - although we have longer, more formal check ins each week, you can also WhatsApp or message me whenever you have a question or need a little extra support

+ a nutrition manual and exclusive recipe ebook