Nourish Always - A Recipe Ebook


This ebook contains 18 recipes (swipe to see the recipe list), evenly split between breakfast, mains, snacks and desserts. They are based off of the way I eat: predominantly plant based (a few of the recipes contain eggs - but all of the recipes can be easily adapted to your preferences), easy and quick to make, delicious and with an eye on nutritional balance.


The book was born off of my own attempt to enjoy cooking again. I have fallen out of love with food before but this was different. In years past the fall-out was a result of fear and anger and a battle with my body, but this time the feeling was one of ‘indifference’; I just didn’t care. And with that nonchalance, I realised I had slowly stopped caring about myself too. 


After deciding I could no longer live off a diet comprising of 90% protein powder I started to look back on the foods I had enjoyed when I first learnt to cook; when I visited Australia and discovered a different attitude towards food than what I had grown up with. 


It is in light of those things that the recipes within this book were created. They are easy to make, they don’t take much time, you can double them up to eat again the next day. They use few and similar ingredients so you don’t need a cupboard full of things, and they are all about helping you feel your best. 


The book only contains 18 recipes, so that it doesn’t feel overwhelming and in the hope you try them all vs only choosing the ones that look familiar. I’ve also included a few of my poems to serve as reminders when you need them; you are doing great, it is going to be okay, and you are not alone. 

Nourish Always - The Recipe Ebook