I’ve never been a ‘food prepper’, I’ve never done a ‘Food Prep Sunday’ or stacked up a load of Tupperware’s ready for the week, because to be honest it’s never really appealed to me. I always considered myself someone who just loved to cook and thus didn’t mind spending a little extra time preparing each meal as they happened.

But as life has become more more hectic – running my own business, teaching late, spending lots of time whizzing round in my car – I’ve lost my love for that. Instead of lovingly creating meals I often arrive home ravenous and can’t think of anything worse than spending half an hour making food. I’ve started relying a little too much on protein shakes and smoothies as meal replacements, which are delicious yes but let’s be frank, we call protein powders ‘supplements’ for a reason – they are supposed to supplement a diet rich in veggies and whole foods, not replace them.

In a bid to combat this reliance I decided to take the plunge and prep a few bits and bobs for the week last Sunday – that way when I get home late or ‘hangry’ (you know the feeling) I have something to pull straight from the fridge. One of the things I prepped (I’ll stop rambling now) was these fudge protein balls. Now I’m not going to lie, as with an embarrassing majority of the recipes on this blog, they are the result of something gone wrong (or, clearly… right) – woopsie. I thought they would end up a coconutty flavour but instead they taste like fudge. However let’s be honest, THAT IS NOT A BAD THING, RIGHT?! These are divine.

In fact, I might suggest you go ahead and make them now… Here’s the recipe:

Recipe: Makes 8 balls (each about 35g each)

  • 190g pitted dates (any type will work)

  • 18g coconut flour

  • 5g coconut oil

  • 75g vanilla protein powder

  • 2 tsp vanilla extract

  1. Place all the ingredients into the blender/ food processor and blend away.

  2. Blend, blend, blend and then keep blending some more. The mixture will eventually come together. Be patient, it takes a while, but the mix will becoming smooth and dough-like.

  3. Empty from the blender and roll up into balls. Store in or out of the fridge for around a week. ENJOY!