I am writing my yearly ‘ENGLAND HAS SUN’ blog post (seriously I’m pretty sure I could find one of these for every year since I started Nourish Always) and quite suitably I am bringing you something that is ice cold and super quick to make, because no one wants to be anywhere near a cooker when it’s 28 degrees outside and there’s no air con. Last year it was this ice cream, this year it’s a smoothie bowl of dreams (aka so thick you have to eat with a spoon).

I already emailed out this recipe on my newsletter a few weeks ago and it went down really well, so I wanted to share it a little more widely.

The most important thing about making this smoothie is the method, as that is what ensures a creamy thick consistency. It's delicious. Plus, the smoothie itself contains over 20g of protein (dependant on the protein powder you use, I LOVE this one), which is awesome because as a veggie trying to build a booty sometimes I find it challenging to hit my protein targets.

(* Side note: protein doesn’t just build muscle. It also helps you to maintain healthy skin, hair, nails, supports metabolism and the immune system. Unlike carbohydrates and fats, your body can’t store protein so you need to consume it consistently).

Anyways, as always, enough rambling. Here’s the recipe, I hope you love it!


• 2 large handfuls of ice

• 1 banana (sliced and frozen)

• 1 serve chocolate protein powder

• 1 tsp cacao powder

• Splash of almond milk

• 1/2 tsp xanthem gum

• Your favourite toppings (at the moment I am loving a mixture of brown rice puffs, homemade granola, frozen raspberries and cacao nibs).


1. Begin by blending the ice into a slush.

2. Next add the banana, chocolate protein, cacao powder and almond milk.

3. Blend, adding a splash of almond milk or water as required, until completely smooth.

4. Add xanthum gum and blend again on a low speed for around a 30 secs – a minute – slowly increasing the speed. The mix will begin to expand.

Empty into a bowl, top and enjoy!