I think sometimes, especially around Christmas and New Year, life becomes a little hectic and we need to take some time to create a little space for ourselves. This is excatly what these retreats are about. Over each weekend we will nourish with wholesome food, find movement in yoga, and spend some time relaxing and restoring.

The retreats only host a small number of people, so I'll be running two, one on the 13th-14th of January and the other on the 10th-11th February.

Both will be held at the Acorn Wellness Retreat Centre, a small beautiful space situated in the countryside just outside of Harrogate. They will run over the weekend, and include one super cosy overnight stay (although there are 2 ‘day’ spaces available on each).

You can find a slightly more detailed outline of what we will get up below, but in summary think big jumpers and cozy socks, delicious and healthy food, a chance to make friends, and talk with the loveliest of people, opportunities for learning and adventures, for relaxing, treatments, saunas, books and copious amounts of tea. And of course, lots of yoga.

To book your space head over to the Acorn's Website by clicking HERE. Simply scroll to the date you are after and select the relevent retreat.

Day 1


On arrival you will be shown to your room, if you are staying with us. You’ll receive your goodie bag, complete with some snacks and have the chance to get settled in.

Our First Yoga Class

A 90 minute vinyasa flow class. Time to move, strengthen and play.


Food homemade on site - delicious, wholesome and nourishing.

Free time

You can make this time whatever you want to be. There are lots of relaxation areas to read and chat, you can book in for spa treatments, go for a walk, Brimham rocks or have some time in the sauna or steam room.

Evening Yoga

A grounding more relaxing practice to end the day.


A warming, homemade and healthy dinner, most likely accompanied by copious amounts of tea and healthy cakes.

Make your way to bed.

Day 2


A short moment to breath and slow down before our habitual rush sets in.

Morning Yoga

Another flow class - slightly shorter than the first but still full of fun and movement


Our final meal together - and as with all the food, delicious and nourishing.

Home time.