There is something about the Acorn Wellness Retreat Centre that just makes everything better - and I suppose I feel like that about yoga too - they're both a little bit magic. And it’s that magical feeling that I wanted to create in my retreats - you know that feeling when you’re mid yoga flow and it’s like there is nothing else but you and your mat in the world? Kind of like that. For the whole weekend it’s just you, other lovely human beings and this beautiful hand-crafted space.

In my mind I broke the weekend up into three parts: yoga, food and space. Let me tell you a little more about them.


During the retreat we usually do three classes: two vinyasa and one restorative yin-style class. We also do one morning meditation practice. Everything is accessible to all levels. The only goal for me is about sharing the thing that makes my heart sing every single day. Vinyasa yoga is about flowing. It means we smoothly transition from one pose into the next. It creates strength and flexibility. We will learn to move, play and breathe. It’s moving meditation which means on top of all the physical benefits you learn to let go; it’s magic. Yin is slower, we hold each posture for several minutes. It is very relaxing and a great way to move away from the habitual rushing most of us throw ourselves into every single day. It will leave you feeling mobile, open and restored.


Over the course of the weekend we share three meals together, plus there are some homemade snacks in the goodie bags you receive on arrival. I make everything myself - all dairy free, all veggie, all super nourishing. The food varies with each retreat - not only because I love cooking and creating, but also because what we eat changes naturally with the seasons. In the past we have had huge goodness filled salads for lunch or soup with warm sourdough and hummus; we have had homemade tarts, stews and garlicky potatoes for dinner; brownies, ice cream, raw cheesecake for dessert; and bowls or jars of oats with all the toppings for breakfast.

The Acorn Wellness Centre Harrogate - Georgina Mariee Yoga


Over the weekend there are a number of unscheduled hours - because we never get this chance in our usual day to day. The world is your oyster what will you do? You can book in a spa treatment, go for a walk, lounge around in or outside, sit in the sauna or steam room, read, sleep… its completely whatever you choose.

So I hope that gives you a little more insight into what we do. And that you decide to come relax with us. It’s the perfect weekend away. A little time for you.

The Acorn Wellness Centre Harrogate

The current retreats are running 19-20th May / 23-24th June

To book your spot head over to The Acorn by clicking HERE. Simply scroll to the date you are after.