September 22-23rd / October 13-14th


When thinking about the theme for this retreat I wasn’t sure where to go. I like to give each retreat a theme because it helps me create a whole experience; it helps me channel energy into an idea - and then carry that throughout the whole weekend. The concept weaves into the practices we do, the food we eat, how we spend our time…

And then a couple of days ago I was scrolling through my old blog, the one I had kept when I was in Bali doing my teacher training, and saw the word ‘Ananda'. Ananda was the name of the cottages we stayed in, it means the highest state of bliss, which is exactly what that whole experience was. I learnt so much over those four weeks; about yoga, about myself, about who I am - that I came back a little different, and a little lighter.

That is how I want you to feel from this weekend, blissful. And so it is Ananda that we will try to incorporate into these early Autumn retreats.


If you ever been to the Acorn I don’t even need to tell you that it is bliss embodied. The beautiful house is set amongst acres of farmland and countryside; it is quiet, peaceful, so tranquil. Everything within it is hand crafted, and smooth wood from which almost the entire building is created almost seems part of it’s surroundings. It’s the perfect place to get some restoration; the rooms you will sleep in are incredibly comfortable, there is a sauna and steam room on site, and you can even book in for a treatment if you wish.


When I was on my teacher training someone described yoga as ‘quiet in movement' and for me that’s it; that’s where the bliss lies. It is the way that when I flow I lose myself in my breathe, in the movement, and as a result the noise in my head lessens to almost nothing. Our yoga will focus on that sense of release. We will flow lots, moving especially through yummy hip openers, but also through a little bit of play.


Bali was my first taste of a whole new cuisine; there was a freshness to each meal that I had never experienced before. Everything was bright, vibrant and so full of flavour. I ate vegan the entire time; I tried new things, old things, each bite delicious and exciting. I will bring this into the weekend also. Fresh colourful vegan food. Nothing bland. All food that makes you realise that nourishment does not mean cold lettuce; that it means whole foods; fun foods; enjoyed together around a big table.


(Please note all times are pretty loose - it’s a very relaxed environment so we’ll change things together if we see fit)


10-10.30am: Arrival and welcome

11am: First yoga class: 1.5 hours - vinyasa (flow) style class

12.30pm: Lunch

2pm: Free time. Read, walk, spend time in the grounds, walk, sauna and steam room, optional spa treatments… whatever you want!

5pm: Optional forearm stand strength workshop - a short 45 minute insight into starting and building the strength to forearm stands - but totally optional, your time can be spent relaxing a little longer if this isn’t your thing

6pm: Yin style yoga - 1 hour

7.30pm Dinner


Morning bliss ball before yoga

9am: Meditation & Morning yoga - 1 hour - vinyasa style class

10am: Brunch



The price is just £175 for the entire weekend, including all the food and yoga classes and workshops. Or £120 if you live nearby and choose not to stay (only 2x available).

So join us!! To book simply head over to: THE ACORN

Select the date you want to attend, find the retreat and click the green button.

(N.B. This retreat is suitable for all levels. However if you would like to come and have had no yoga experience before please contact me so we can have a chat prior to you booking, at