19th-20th JANUARY 2019

16th-17th FEBRUARY 2019

I've always had a bit of a love-hate relationship with the idea of New Year resolutions. On one hand I hate the pressure of always trying to be ‘better’ or ‘more’ - I think social media exacerbates this in our lives anyway, then combine that with New Year, and the need for a new me / diet / dream becomes even more prevalent. And yet in the complete opposite train of thought I will always be one to champion people feeling their best; and if the New Year feels like a blank slate and the opportunity to feel excited again then why the hell not.

The next set of Nourish Always Retreats will be held in January and February, and as a result I think they could fall privy to being viewed as a health kick or detox. But I don’t want that to be the case. For me negativity around resolutions comes from thoughts revolving around lack - aka, must change in order to be enough. However the positivity comes when we think of them as adding something to our lives. It’s a subtle difference and yet one that is important.

And I think if we look at things from a yoga perspective (this is a yoga retreat after all) choice plays a large role here too. For instance in the difference between chasing the look of the pose vs the feeling it brings you; the difference between dedication to the practice vs forcing yourself to get on your mat because otherwise you feel you are ‘bad’. The aim of the retreat will to focus on feeling and finding empowerment; the nourishing trains of though; the things that heal and help.


The retreat will include three yoga classes, two vinyasa and one restorative, plus one optional backbending workshop. Each class is structured around the next, where we will progress over the weekend. We’ll concentrate on creating a strong foundation to the practice - and add on from there. We will focus on moving the body in strength and intention, rather than ‘dumping’ into poses.


We will eat three meals (lunch, dinner and dessert, and breakfast) plus snacks together. All food will be warm and delicious with a nod to Ayurveda ideas, one of the oldest approaches to holistic health. I love Ayurvedic principles because they really encompass what ‘nourishing food’ means to me - think warmth in the cold, cherishing meal times, eating mindfully and slowly, and whole food plant based; the idea of healing and filling up rather than that of restriction.


If you ever been to the Acorn I don’t even need to tell you that it is bliss embodied. The beautiful house is set amongst acres of farmland and countryside; it is quiet, peaceful, so tranquil. Everything within it is hand crafted, and smooth wood from which almost the entire building is created almost seems part of it’s surroundings. It’s the perfect place to get some restoration; the rooms you will sleep in are incredibly comfortable, there is a sauna and steam room on site, and you can even book in for a treatment if you wish.


Please note all times are pretty loose - it’s a very relaxed environment so we’ll change things together if we see fit)


10-10.30am: Arrival and welcome

11am: First yoga class: 1.5 hours - vinyasa (flow) style class

12.30pm: Lunch

2pm: Free time. Read, walk, spend time in the grounds, walk, sauna and steam room, optional spa treatments… whatever you want!

5pm: Optional strength in backbending workshop - a short 45 minute insight into starting and building the strength to forearm stands - but totally optional, your time can be spent relaxing a little longer if this isn’t your thing

6pm: Yin style yoga - 1 hour

7.30pm Dinner


Morning bliss ball before yoga

9am: Meditation & Morning yoga - 1 hour - vinyasa style class

10am: Brunch



The price is just £195 for the entire weekend, including all the food, snacks, yoga classes and workshops. Or £150 if you live nearby and choose not to stay overnight (only 2x day spots available).

So join us!! To book simply head over to: THE ACORN

Select the date you want to attend, find the retreat and click the green button.