At times I feel overwhelmingly sad about our planet - the statistics and news that we hear and read about are frightening enough to make anyone feel a bit helpless. But when I feel like this I take comfort in the words of my sister: ‘at the very least we can work to leave the planet better than the way we found it’

Because she is right. We can try our best to create change.

The challenge.

Last year my family gave up buying any single use plastic (fruit, veg, bread, pasta) for Lent.

Since then documentaries like Drowning In Plastic have had a huge impact and already there has been quite a lot of change. (Aka this year should be easier!)

And I know that this nuanced - and we can so talk about that - I just think we have to do our best.

The idea that ‘one person doesn’t matter’ is so damaging because collectively we make a huge difference. WE drive change.

I know how much just my families actions impacted me last year - they showed me how to go mostly plastic free and made me aware of my own usage - and so the hope is that by doing this together that chain reaction will grow even more.

I am going to insta, vlog and blog over the period as much as I can - so we can figure stuff out together, plus I have some great waste free recipes I am excited to share.

The rules.

Okay, needless to say there aren’t any concrete rules - the idea is to do the best you can. It might feel hard, but know that IS okay - most change feels challenging and uncomfortable because it is new and unknown - don’t let that stop you.

One small caveat I do want to point out is that often here in the UK honey and other spreads sold in supermarkets have a plastic topper on the lid - this is a health and safety thing. If you can find alternatives that is awesome. But if you only shop in supermarkets and this is the case, go for it, don’t feel you have failed and give in as a result.

And finally.

Any ideas or questions please let me know! We can’t wait to start the challenge and see where it takes us. We hope you are excited too and that you join in!

Hashtag us if you do!

For now the best piece of advice I can give you is to be prepared by acknowledging where you are right now. Have a look at what you buy over the next few days and start making a note on your phone.

Speak soon.

Georgina x

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