Week 1 of #PLASTICFREE40

Okay I am not going to lie - week 1 has been a doddle. For the most part Gareth and I lived plastic free anyways. We made the decision a while ago now to get all our fruit and veg individually rather than wrapped up, we buy bread locally and overtime have figured how to make certain swaps (think rice) in cardboard packaging. This week however, is going to be harder. We have run out of tofu, berries and yogurt (huge staples in my diet) and Gareth forgot to order the loo roll (we are getting THIS ONE) so looks like we’ll be using the bathroom at the gym for a few days…

That being said, I am excited. I have been in a food rut recently - my diet mainly comprises of berries and yogurt or my oats, and tofu with veg - this challenge is going to, well challenge me, to get out of that.

I did our first shop earlier today. Believe it or not we saved over £20 on our usual shop. But then when I think about it it is the more expensive items that we can’t buy. Let me give you a little run down of what we are having this week:

Breakfast: toast and homemade chocolate spread (see this post) or oats with some seasonal fruit (apparently pineapple is in at the mo, plus I got some pears and plums)

Lunches: buddha bowls - lotsa veg, homemade hummus, beans - that sort of thing. Plus I’m going to make Gareth a huge batch of lentil bolognese to take to work with him.

Dinners: Indonesian satay chickpeas and rice, curries, homemade tofu (see below) and wedges…

Yes so, we are going to try and make our own tofu this week - look out for updates (and huge potential fails) on that one.

AND, I kind of think that is it - a very unexciting and relatively easy start. Let’s see what the next week will bring!