#plasticfree40 - week2

I think maybe this was hardest week we are going to have and it’s all up hill from here. Because this week was about figuring things out - I mean we made our own tofu for crying out loud (which made it clear to me why no one else is doing it). We have been figuring out new meals to make our staple dinners, we have found new places to shop, bought loo roll online…

Unexpectedly the thing I am missing most is berries - I have tried tinned, but I feel like A. That’s kind of beside the point - I don’t want to be replacing one punnet of berries with copious amounts of tins B. Is there anything as soggy as berries from a tin? I have tried other fruits (that are easier to find plastic free), like mango, pineapple and plums, but nothing is not hitting the spot quite like a handful of frozen blueberries does. Clearly I need to try harder. Caramelised pear anyone?

The lentil bolognese I spoke about preparing (we made THIS one) as part of Gareth’s packed lunches went down a storm. We paired it with things like baked potatoes, a few slices of bread and some spaghetti we had leftover from before we began the challenge.

Our favourite new meal was The Happy Pear’s Indonesian Satay served with rice (Uncle Ben’s sell dry rice in plastic free packaging) - you can find the recipe online HERE.

For snacks I have made the banana bread from my ebook (HERE), my vegan brownies (recipe to come) and a lot of smoothies inspired by Robin Plotnik’s Instagram.

This weekend Gareth and I are going on a trip to ‘Booths’, a large grocery, whole food store near us, because we heard they sell scoop-able frozen berries (the obsession is real), and with the hope of finding salad leaves that aren’t pre-packed.

Things/ goals to figure out this coming week include: making or finding plastic free nut butter and refining the tofu making process

As always suggestions welcome! Huge love,

Georgina x

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