CHOCOLATE PROTEIN PANCAKES - and week 4 #plasticfree40


We have gotten into a groove. Gone are the struggles of week 2; we know what we are doing, and actually, I'm really starting to enjoy myself.

To be honest I don't have too much too add from last week with regards to being #plasticfree. We have managed to find berries (!!), which I realise should be a big deal after the way I rambled on about them, but I've gotten used to life without them. We found them at Knaresborough market - a small town near us - at a local fruit and veg stall. They were originally in a plastic box, but after asking the vendors if they would reuse the box if we didn't take it (they said they would) we asked for them emptying into a paper bag. They are delicious.

We have still been having issues with tofu. We forgot to soak the soybeans (darn) which meant we had to buy an alternative. We went for a for a firm silken tofu, which FYI humans does not work as part of a stir fry. After a quick google search it would seem silken tofu (unpressed, undrained, high water content) is better as part of creamy desserts, sauces and dressings. Where as regular firm or extra-firm tofu (pressed, less water) absorbs flavours well and is best used for panfrying .

Things we have been loving this week:

- Deliciously Ella's Five bean chilli (recipe here). We served ours with rice.

- Pancakes! (recipe below).

Vegan pancakes - chocolate, protein

Okay so pancakes! But another VEGAN PROTEIN recipe? Erm yes actually... but hear me out. Remember THIS overnight pancake recipe from well over a year ago now? This is it’s VEGAN best friend. The idea being you can batch make pancakes ready to pop into boxes for on-the-go breakfasting over the course of the week. Now I’m aware that usually pancakes contains eggs - thus checking the protein content box. But needless to say vegan ones don’t. So I decided to make their chocolatey flavour by adding a scoop of protein powder COOL, BUT WHY? Well, I add the protein because as an active vegan I’m mindful of getting enough in my diet. The question, ‘where do vegans get their protein?’, to me is a relevant one. Protein helps us repair and recover well

INGREDIENTS: {serves 2} 100g plain flour 1 tbsp flax/ chia seeds 20g chocolate protein powder 1 tsp baking powder 3/4 cup oat milk METHOD: 1. In a small bowl or mug create your flax/ chia egg by adding 1 tbsp to 3 tbsp water and leaving to stand for five minutes 2. Meanwhile, in a larger mixing bowl combine the flour, protein and baking powder 3. Once the flax egg is gooey add it to the dry mix with the milk 4. Whisk through until forms a medium-thick batter. (If too thick add more milk a tbsp at a time). 5. Heat a lightly oiled pan. 6. Spoon a heaped tbsp of the mixture into the pan and the back of the spoon to form into a circle. Once the pancake begins to bubble flip to cook the other side. Repeat for the whole mixture (Tip: if you are eating straight away pop the cooked pancakes on a lined baking tray in a warm oven so you can serve them all warm)