I’ve been allergic to soya as long as I have milk - aka my whole life. But just like I ate chocolate as a kid and teenager, I used to eat tofu as an adult; just pretending that it was worth the pay off.

And then maybe a year or so ago, I decided I really needed to stop being silly. So I listened to my body, dropped the soy products, and went on the hunt for some kind of replacement.

I had seen recipes for 'chickpea tofu’ before, but to be honest it all felt a little intimidating. How the hell was I going to turn a chickpea into tofu? What was this magic? Anyways, it turns out you don’t have to mush up and strain and ferment chickpeas like I had imagined (lol), you actually just blend chickpea flour with spices and water and cook that on the stove. It thickens up in about 2 minutes, you put it in the fridge, let it cool, and done.

I won’t take credit at all for the recipe, the one we use is by Vegan Richa and I’ve linked it HERE. But I will take credit for the assembly (can we really call this a recipe?!) of these bowls - YUM.

The 'tofu' goes really well in these 'taco' bowls. We actually love them so much we've had them on repeat for lunch all week. I hope you love them too.

{serves 2}


2 portions of chickpea tofu

1 can kidney beans

500g mix of sweet potato and butternut squash chunks

1 red onion

1 avocado

1/2 tin of sweetcorn

8-10 cherry tomatoes


Salt and pepper


Pre-heat the oven to 200 degrees C

Meanwhile chop the butternut and sweet potatoes into chunks, coat in a drizzle of oil and salt and pepper, pop on a lined baking tray and pop to the side.

Peel and slice an onion, also drizzle with oil and salt and pepper, and put onto a lined baking tray, and then into the oven with the butternut and sweet pots for 35-45 minutes until starting to crisp at the edges.

As they cook prepare the reminder of the bowls: chop the tomatoes, drain and rinse the kidney beans and sweet corn, peel and mash the avocado, chop the 'tofu' into chunks. Season to taste.

Separate amongst the two bowls.

Once the veg in the oven is cooked, separate these amongst the bowls too.

Top with garnishes of choice (we love hummus!) and enjoy!