When Gareth and I decided to make a big batch of protein pancakes to see us through breakfast this week we had no idea it was pancake day so soon.

I mean for many of us every day looks so similar right now that it can be hard to differentiate. The calendar in our kitchen still reads April last year… right around about when the world stopped. Is it January? February? Did 2020 ever end? Did we actually have Christmas? Who knows.

Anyways, yesterday we popped out to the supermarket and noticed the pancake mixes and their typical toppings being promoted. A quick google search later and we realised Pancake Day falls on the 16th; just over a week away. So this recipe is coincidently well-timed.

But it also works if you, like me, are a little over cooking; or if making breakfast feels like a mammoth task that you’re just not up to right now. Plus, three pancakes provide 15g protein, add some toppings and you are likely hitting 20g which is an awesome number to shoot for in each meal.

If you try the recipe tag me and #pancakeswithgeorgina so I can see your magical creations and we can share some topping inspo.

Here I have:

1. Chocolate yogurt (I mixed some @awesomesupps chocolate protein with some coconut yogurt), strawberries and cacao nibs.

2. Coconut yogurt, peanut butter, bananas, rice puffs and a chocolate syrup drizzle.

3. Coconut yogurt and homemade berry compote.

THE RECIPE: (Makes 20)

300g plain flour

100g vanilla protein

2 tsp baking powder

2 eggs

75g yogurt (we use Koko coconut yogurt)

20g runny honey (maple syrup would work too)

500ml (2 cups) milk (we use almond)

+ In a large bowl combine the flour, protein, baking powder & a pinch of salt.

+ In a smaller bowl whisk the yogurt, eggs and honey.

Add this, along with the milk to the large bowl. Whisk to combine.

+ Once the batter is smooth and creamy, pre-heat a pan (with a little oil so they don’t stick) on a medium heat.

+ Spoon the batter into the pan and use the back of the spoon to form a round pancake. When the pancake begins to bubble slightly, flip and cook the other side.

+Repeat for remaining batter.