Meditation - for the person who feels like they can’t

I find meditating hard. Like IMPOSSIBLY hard. I have often thought I shouldn't because 1. I’m a yoga teacher - it was literally in our training AND 2. I know the benefits are real. There is data showing it, plus I MYSELF have felt it in those brief periods of my life where I have committed to the practice. And yet, I still find myself thinking I can’t.

You know that saying that if you don’t feel like you have time to meditate then you definitely need to? It feels so cliched I don’t want it to be true. And yet IS IT? This definitive decision to stop when the world we live in tells us to keep pushing. When you are so busy with life things you forget YOU. You forget to look after the home that is your mind and your body. You forget what actually matters.

Because no pause exists. And so neither does that space between the noise of the outside world and internalising it. You can’t listen because that blurred rush of what society deems important is too loud. And so you just do, do do.

Meditation is THAT pause; something that takes you back to you. You know?

This week I committed to mediating daily. At times it felt great, at others I opened my eyes every 30 seconds because SURELY it must be over by now.

But how to start? I think EXPLORE

There is no one way; some people find guided meditations helpful, others prefer to just sit. So I figured the best thing I could offer would be my fave resources so you can try yourself and see:

+ @nicolajanehobbs ‘Don’t Scratch The Itch’ guide - a free week by week guide via her website 🪴

+ Headspace app

+ Sam Harris’ Waking Up app: guided meditation with a super helpful beginner’s course