A few days ago I was explaining to a friend that I personal train online,

'So, you FaceTime someone whilst they are at the gym? Or Zoom them whilst they workout at home?'

I realised in their confusion that it might be helpful to explain a little more about what Online Coaching is and what it includes.

Online Coaching isn't about standing (virtually) with a client as they train, like an in-person trainer might. Instead it is about giving you the tools and support to go out and lead a healthy lifestyle on your own. We look at your goals, your history, where you are right now and where you would like to be, and what has gotten in the way before. With that information I provide you with:

+ An individualised training programme - completely catered to YOU, your goals, your life, what you enjoy etc

+ Nutritional guidance - this could be something very specific like macro targets, or could be much more general and intuitive

+ A weekly check in whereby we look at how the week has gone in terms of training, nutrition, biofeedback markers like sleep, hunger, energy, and your goals. I then provide feedback to this, talk through any concerns you may have, and set some goals for the week ahead.

+ Constant support - although we have longer, more formal check ins each week, you can also WhatsApp or message me whenever you have a question or need a little extra support.

And a few bonuses:

+ Access to The Online Yoga Studio

+ Access to exclusive recipes

+ A training ebook: providing education around resistance training and outlining why we train the way we do

I have never been very good at selling myself, but I can provide you with some facts. My qualifications include:

+ Active IQ Certified Personal Trainer

+ BTN Nutritionist

+ RYT300 - Qualified yoga teacher

+ Intuitive Eating Coach

+ Further certifications in: Stress, mindset and hormones

My coaching is not about a quick fix, it is not about someone giving you a prescriptive plan to follow, nor a cookie-cutter approach. Instead it is about helping you understand yourself better and provide you with the tools and knowledge to do so.

I promise to remind you of your innate enoughness - the one that lies beneath the ideas we learnt growing up. I want to be a voice that says you are perfect as you are now. Your worth is held in your human-ness - in just being - within you.

I hope to remind you that ‘healthy’ comes in many forms; that it is more than exercise and nutrition alone, and to help YOU figure out what that looks like for YOU. I want to empower you to build a relationship with exercise, your body and food that feels good, sustainable and enjoyable.

At the risk of sounding very, very corny, I want you to build a stronger body, yes, but I want to help you build a stronger mind too.

You can apply for coaching HERE. Speak soon x